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Awards and Appointments

Bill McGinleyThe MA Chapter is proud to have three of its members in the national spotlight.

Two Massachusetts Chapter members received the Outstanding Member Award at the Annual Convocation held in Philadelphia. These awards are nominated by the national awards committee.

Bill McGinley was honored for his many successes with the MA Chapter over his 4 years as President. Bill was also Chair of the most successful Convocation in recent years held in Providence is 2009. For many years Bill has been the Chair of the Professional Advancement Committee, motivating ACHCA members to become certified and advance to fellow. His is also an item writer for the certification exam.

Pam MeriamPam Meriam is the Administrator of Our Island Home located 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts on Nantucket Island. Pam was recognized for her tireless work with Peer 2 Peer, which is now a major source of communication and information for administrators around the country.

Bill BogdanovichBill Bogdanovich, Executive Director of Liberty Commons was appointed Chair of the National Membership Committee. Bill has done a terrific job over the last few years organizing our membership rosters and reaching out to former members to get re-involved as well as to administrators who seek information on the benefits of joining ACHCA.

In addition to these honors, the Chapter itself received its third consecutive Chapter of Excellence Award for its "The Need to Lead" program. The Board challenged itself to step up and become certified or advance to fellow over the course of the last year. At this time, 80% of the Board members have achieved this accomplishment.

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